24Mar 2013

This is old, from 2002, just stumbled upon it. In practice, this seminar/showcase horseshit is corruption, unethical, a scam, what have you, but it’s also common practice nowadays and obv. not going away. Probably better for the Attorney General to tackle it then some in one ear and out the other news mag. In the […]

22Mar 2013

Not my cat, or Scar Jo, though, and I’m sorry, she sucks. She’s hot though, or used to be, I’ll give her that. She’s no Liz Taylor though, and I didn’t know Liz Taylor. All yucks aside, you can read this hilarious n’ timely Gawker article here. Tweet

07Mar 2013

Ok, you’re not gonna understand any mystery from this article, that’s for sure. It basically serves up a few selected quotes from actors (Lady Gaga?), almost none of them good (reactionary Right Wing nutter/good actor Gary Oldman’s is alright), but all put together they’re worthwhile in that good acting, or a good actor, is hard […]

26Feb 2013

“The market for fame is saturated. You can all go home. Sorry for getting your hopes up like that. The truth is, you have a better chance of being hit by a satellite than by fame. And just so we’re all on the same page, fame is exactly the point of all this. Any ambition […]

22Feb 2013

“Re: The Other Categories (besides Best Pic, Actor, Actress, etc.), no one cares. That’s the irreversible flaw of the Oscars. You’re wasting three-plus hours to get to a grand total of roughly four minutes of meaningful action. Even football doesn’t have that poor of a ratio. The Oscars are pointless and stupid. On that note, […]

19Feb 2013

“McQueen defined a fleeting moment in Hollywood’s depiction of manhood, standing between the ’50s kitsch of Sinatra, John Wayne, and Elvis and the post-Vietnam second-guessing of the pathological Eastwood, the sensitive New Age Redford, and Burt Reynolds. He was the first and maybe the last action hero to be neither absurd nor ironic. (He) cultivated […]