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Alex Emanuel is a professional theatre, film and tv actor, director and producer, as well as a rock musician, writer and visual artist. He was born in the Little Italy area of NYC to artist parents and alternated time growing up between there and Western MA. Alex earned a degree at Skidmore College in Fine Art and trained as an actor in NY and in Chicago. He’s a member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA, and has worked regionally, on all three coasts, in the UK and other in Eastern Europe.

Alex’s feature film work include roles in When Everything’s Gone, The Incoherents, The Luring, Stealing Chanel, Orgami, Black Wake, Keep the Change, 39 and 1/2, Juvie, Uncaged, Alien vs. Zombies, Asockalypse!, Blowtorch, Shankman’s, Archeology of a Woman, Grand Slammed, Trooper, Buster, Together, Therapy, Reality Lost, 2 Wks 1 Yr, Brother 2, Land of False Clocks and Monotony among other films.

His TV credits include roles on 50 Central, Public Morals, Blue Bloods, House of Cards, Rescue Me, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Hack, Sex and the City, As the World Turns, All My Children, the HBO movie Everyday People, Redrum, The Girls Guide to Depravity, The Other F Word, Exiled Our East and The Whitest Kids You Know among other shows.

Alex has acted in more than his share of short films as well, many of which have garnered awards at festivals, including See You Yesterday, Sharks and Minnows, Broken Angels, Second Act, The Plagiarist, Hungry, Happy September, WMD, J1, T.Haruo, The Sketch Artist, The Fall of New Atlantis, Conquest, Illness, Morning Light, SR Stories, The Highly Observant Bill White, The Perfect Time, Aural Fixation, Talking Richard Wilson Blues, Some Mournful Bird, Red Lightning, The Rock of Jacob, Killing Killian, Tarpaulin, The Seagulls and Shall We Dance among many other titles.

Alex has also appeared in music videos for the artists AK-69, Cosmonaut, Laura Cantrell, Amber Rhodes, Elaine Lachica, The Dambuilders and American Music Club.

Alex’s New York and Regional stage credits include, among other plays, the premieres of Stew (TONY award winning Passing Strange on Broadway)’s new rock musical Family Album at OSF in Oregon, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (in which he portrayed “Deckard” in the critically acclaimed stage version of the book Bladerunner was based on) in NY, Jeff Marx (Avenue Q) and Fat Mike (NOFX)’s new punk rock musical Home Street Home at ZSpace in San Francisco, Disappeared at the Steppenwolf Theatre, Fringe of Humanity by Paul Calderon and starring David Zayas with the new theatre co. they’ve formed together, Primitive Grace, Possible Worlds, Eagle River and others in Chicago, Pucker Up and Blow (directed by Casting Director Paul Schnee) for the NY Fringe, Open the Dark Door, To Barcelona, Shekinah, Count Down, Live Coverage, Broken Shadows and productions of Secrets of Freud and Jung, The Years, Three Days of Rain, The Killing Game and The Dreamer Examines His Pillow.

When not acting, Alex devotes a good portion of his time writing and looking for projects for his start-up production company Starna Productions. Presently, Starna has 4 projects in various phases of production. First on the docket is the rock ‘n’ roll comedy feature The Incoherents, in which Alex plays a lead role, is a producer of, and has written original music for. The film finished principal photography in May 2017 and is slated for festival submission in the late 2017. Next up is a documentary Alex plans to make about the creative process, focusing in on his father, renowned illustrator Robert Grossman. Alex is also slated to shoot a pilot for a TV show he co-wrote called The Uninvited, and lastly, is seeking means to make a big-budget feature thriller written by best-selling author Michael Gruber, titled The Fleshwriter. As mentioned above, Alex is also an inaugural member of Paul Calderon and David Zayas’ new theatre co. Primitive Grace, and he sometimes writes and performs with his improv/sketch group Mediocre New York (MNY).

Alex has also worked as a published illustrator (clients include The New York Times and other publications), a record album producer (he produced Occupy this Album, the 4-disc, 99 song collection benefiting the Occupy Movement), an art director, acting coach, welder, freelance writer and professional musician. He’s written music for, toured, recorded, played bass, guitar and sung with numerous rock bands, including his own former bands Permission, Rollo, Transit Belle, Hygiene, Lucan, Rodan and Rang, plus OSFU, The Navigators, Edison Woods, The Swedes, Brilliantine, Pen Pal, Chavez, Sammy, The Subway Sun, Under Nation, The Gallenas and others, with a few of his songs having been licensed for TV and films.


“the excellent Alex Emanuel”– Chicago Tribune    

“the charismatic Alex Emanuel”– blogcritics.org

“Alex Emanuel’s unassuming good looks recall the gruff soulfulness of Harrison Ford– Backstage

“As Lenny, Alex Emanuel steals the show, his delivery getting many well-earned laughs. Even when Lenny reads the Times review of his performance, it’s pitch-perfect funny– theasy.com

“As played by Alex Emanuel, Harry is in the grand tradition of poetic palookas from Wallace Beery onward, and his stubbled, square-jawed countenance and scuffed, haggard grandeur make him a Haspiel cartoon come to life, in a brutally sensitive performance that’s staggering in more than one sense–hilobrow.com

“Alex Emanuel as Ryan was charming as the forlorn actor in the position of continuously losing his role. His panic attack styled earnestness was really endearing. He formed a fabulous double act with “Steve” as they provided some of the comedic moments.” -nytheatreguide.com

“the wonderful Alex Emanuel”– Chicago Sun Times

“Alex Emanuel plays Deckard with a cold, hard soul that slowly warms and melts”– nytheatre.com

“Alex Emanuel performs with conviction, believability, gusto”– Theatreonline

“Alex Emanuel brought fire to “Dark Sex,” a song that features the great lyric “I’ll have some very dark sex with you and never see you again.””– theatermania.com

“Alex Emanuel as the protagonist, is perfect– theasy.com

“Alex Emanuel is a Sam Rockwell type”–Mikie Heilbrun, Casting Director

“Alex Emanuel’s hard boiled performance suits the play– NY Times

“Alex Emanuel navigate(s) the lovers’ confusion with charming ingenuousness– Chicago Reader

“Alex Emanuel’s unique, raspy snarl perfectly fits the mood– splendidezine

“intensely played by Alex Emanuel– NY Theatrewire

“Alex Emanuel is hilarious”– nytheatre.com

“Alex Emanuel‘s (voice is) cool in the style of Bob Pollard, Jeremy Enick, and that dude from the Libertines”– Storylinerecords.com

“Alex Emanuel’s delivery adds to the charm; an almost Buck Cherry, Cobain vocal style. Angsty energy drive the (material) along without any whine– gildthelilly

“nicely rendered by Alex Emanuel– oobr.com

“Alex Emanuel hits it right on the head hybrid news

“Alex (Emanuel)’s voice has the distinctive rasp of cuddle-boy pipes being pushed past the max; totally fierce– LES Music News

“Alex Emanuel’s vocals (are) equal parts gutter beg and glamour scoff– 10×10 Magazine, Chicago

“Alex Emanuel isn’t going to bother with ostentatious rock lyric posturing, and actually say what he means. He even goes a little Tom Verlaine-esque at times– motherwest.com/the deli