07Jul 2013

Director Kevin Breslin, whose upcoming film “Blowtorch” I’ve a role in, discusses the ins and outs and ups and downs of finding cool locations in and around New York. “I used to be able walk into a building, talk to a guard downstairs and say: “You know, I’m here. I’m scouting a commercial. I need […]

05Jun 2013

“Rule #2: Don’t let the fuckers get ya. They can either help you, or not help you, but they can’t stop you. People who finance films, distribute films, promote films and exhibit films are not filmmakers. They are not interested in letting filmmakers define and dictate the way they do their business, so filmmakers should […]

08May 2013

A great short I’ve the lead in, “The Sketch Artist” is playing at two fests in NY this month, May 18th at the Art of Brooklyn Film Fest, and May 29th at The NY Shorts Fest at the Landmark Theater. Desperate to resuscitate his career, Reid Freidman, a has-been graphic novelist working as a police […]

29Apr 2013

“Talent agents and casting decision makers don’t sport the rose colored specs as do the ‘I can play any role’ actor. Talent agents believe themselves ‘realists’ determining who can be what but are their instincts always being honest to reality?” It’s unusual to read this perspective from a Casting Director… You can read the complete […]

26Apr 2013

Yup. Nevermind that I’m on the fence on the whole taking money-from-the crowd thing anyway (when there are people out there with deep frickin’ pockets in the industry who are supposed to be at the ready to fund new stuff already), but hearing that an entrenched H’wood insider is raking from Kickstarter just turns my […]

22Apr 2013

This is also for our industry: casting, producers, investors, etc. The “We” he’s talking about here is also Them when they keep employing the same actors over and over and over. They have the opportunity to be an example to other industries and spread the casting net to those talented and experienced who really need […]

28Mar 2013

“In order to succeed in Hollywood, you honestly do have to get yourself an MBA in marketing. The truth is you will probably spend 99 percent of your time pounding the pavement and 1 percent of your time doing what it is that you were born to do. If this is indeed the environment in […]